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Hyper-V Delete Save State

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Hyper-V Delete Save State

Postby jani » Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:09 am

Hopefully someone can make sense of the following:

Of five virtual machines created so far, two have ended up in the Saved state for no discernable reason - no deliberate attempt was made to take a snapshot for example. In the first instance, the VM entered the Save state just after it was created; and in the second, after the VM was shut down following a Windows install. In both cases errors as follows were reported in the Event Log:

“Cannot access the data folder of the virtual machine. “


“The Virtual Machines configuration …etc. at 'D:\Hyper-V\VMS\...etc.' is no longer accessible: The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open. (0x800704C8)”

Also: In the VM settings there is an error: BIOS Load failed: the WMI object contained an invalid value in property BIOSNumLock (also AutomaticStartupAction, AutomaticShutdownAction).

Selecting the “Delete Saved State” option caused the Hyper-V Manager to pause and then display a red icon. Any attempt to start or delete the VM eventually returned an error saying the mmc had failed. On a final attempt to delete the saved state the whole system appeared to hang and clicking anywhere on the Task Bar returned this message: “Microsoft Windows: The application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait. Do you want to end this process?” No indication of the particular process was given. Clicking the End Process button did nothing and the system continued to hang with the hourglass cursor. The only way out of this was to reboot the system after which the failing VMs disappeared from Hyper-V Manager, and this error appeared in the Event Log:

Cannot load a virtual machine configuration because it is corrupt … Delete the virtual machine configuration file (.XML file) amd [sic] recreate the virtual machine.

To provide some background, all virtual machine data is stored in: D:\Hyper-V, with virtual hard drives held under D:\Hyper-V\VHD, and virtual machines under D:\Hyper-V\VMS.

Advanced permissions of all of the above folders are returned as:

Administrators Full control D:\
SYSTEM Full Control D:\
Authenticated Users Modify D:\
Users Read & execute D:\

Advanced permissions of the subfolders under D:\Hyper-V\VHD are:

Virtual Machines Special <not inherited>
Administrators Full control D:\
SYSTEM Full Control D:\
Authenticated Users Modify D:\
Users Read & execute D:\

And advanced permissions for the subfolders under D:\Hyper-V\VMS are:

Administrators Special <not inherited>
CREATOR OWNER Special <not inherited>
Virtual Machines Special <not inherited>
Administrators Full control D:\
SYSTEM Full Control D:\
Authenticated Users Modify D:\
Users Read & execute D:\

Oddly, one VM is exceptional to the above (but it did not enter the Save state); it has only these entries:

Administrators Full control D:\
SYSTEM Full Control D:\
Authenticated Users Modify D:\
Users Read & execute D:\

Until now, Windows 2008 and Hyper-V looked very impressive but confidence is beginning to ebb after the above experience. Frankly I am astonished Task Manager would not load, nor the system respond to Ctrl+Alt+Delete after the Hyper-V Manager got into its error state, forcing a manual reboot.

I have not yet attempted to recover the VMs as per the instruction given in the error message being more concerned to discover why the problem occurred in the first place. Any advice that you can give will be gratefully received as always. However, I have just noticed this link regarding Anti-Virus software which could in some part be responsible, but I will submit this report anyway:
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Re: Hyper-V Delete Save State

Postby dimpu » Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:11 am

It would appear the root of the problem is in the last line of the .XML files of the two failing VMs, which each contain a superfluous less than (>) character at the end of the line, that is: </configuration>>. After replacing (>>) with (>), both VMs are now working!

In my view this is caused by a bug in Win2008 or Hyper-V.

It is still puzzling why the permissions settings on the folders of the five VMs created, so far, are not consistent; but they are all now working at last, regardless.
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